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The Best Time To Be In MRX

As this quote from Tom Goodwin at Havas Media continues to go viral on LinkedIn…

U.S. Hispanics and the English Language

My business partner had a meeting with the consumer insights person at a Fortune 500 Company last week and mentioned that the executive said they were not focusing efforts on Spanish speaking Hispanics because “They’ll end up speaking English anyway.” I was a bit shocked to hear that comment in 2015 and in the same week that the largest Spanish language broadcaster in the U.S., Univision Communications, announced its plan to go public.

Total Market, Multicultural, And The Search For The Higgs Boson

2014 was the year Total Market took the multicultural marketing world by storm. Agencies changed their mission statements to include this relatively new term, events capitalized on the buzz through re-branding of events to a more Total Market feel, and many weighed in on the meaning of Total Market and whether it will be a lasting trend or not.