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ThinkNow Launches First MarTech Multicultural Segmentation Tool – ConneKt

ThinkNow ConneKt and Knowy App Provide Real-Time Multicultural Consumer Insights We’re excited to announce that ThinkNow has just launched ThinkNow ConneKt, the first audience planning and segmentation tool focused exclusively on the multicultural market. This MarTech solution provides behavioral and psychographic data combining mobile intelligence, first-party data and panel profile insights to deliver a holistic view of multicultural consumers. “ThinkNow ConneKt is the first tool to help digital marketers go beyond binary targeting efforts to connect with multicultural consumers in real-time to deliver higher ROI on their advertising investment,”says Mario X. Carrasco, co-founder and principal, ThinkNow.

Can You ‘Martech’ Your Way Into Multicultural Markets?

Marketing technology, more commonly known as martech, is stealthily transforming the way companies market to consumers. As ads retarget and emails automate, consumers are enjoying the luxury of an omnichannel experience while affording marketers the opportunity to collect the digital breadcrumbs they leave behind. With a bulging waistline, the martech industry now boasts a roster of nearly 5,000 companies. While digital marketers have been playing with it for years, the big difference in the technology is the sheer scale of what’s possible with today’s tools. Marketing stacks curate programmatic advertising, social media, SEO and e-commerce into a neat bundle that produces rich data that is analyzed and then used to shape more relevant marketing campaigns to specific audiences.

Impostor Syndrome Stopping You From Trying Multicultural Marketing? Good

You’ve seen the growth numbers. You’ve seen the purchasing power. You’ve seen the large multicultural successes in 2017 such as Coco. And you’ve been hearing it for years now. You know you have to start tapping into the multicultural market for the future of your brand or business. So what’s stopping you? For many brand managers and business owners, impostor syndrome often stops them from chasing the opportunity they know will be a critical key to their current and future success.

Total Market Trends: Year-End Review & 2018 Market Predictions

In a year hell-bent on ripping the seams of the American tapestry, U.S. consumers have proven resilient and capable of weathering political storms, natural disasters, and racial unrest. Fraught with economic uncertainty, the ambiguity that clouded the country’s trajectory did little to stymie the optimism that defined consumer sentiment among key demographics going into 2017.

Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy Names New Executive Founding Sponsor

We are excited to share that ThinkNow Research, the leading multicultural market research firm, has been named Executive Founding Sponsor of the Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy, published by Henry Stewart Publications. The journal is committed to publishing a broad spectrum of practical, methodological, and empirical articles that make a substantive contribution to the field of cultural marketing.

Storytelling In Market Research Is Great, But What About The Data?

I’ve enjoyed watching the impact of storytelling on the market research field over the last few years. As more and more practitioners have adopted the concept of “storytelling,” we’ve seen a greater focus on distilling the data researchers collect into more meaningful stories that unveil the people behind the numbers. This shift has given marketers more useful insights to build their campaigns.

Google’s Multicultural Marketing Forum Ups The Game For Hispanic Market Researchers

For the third year in a row, Google has opened the doors of its New York office for its annual Multicultural Marketing Forum. Since its inaugural year, Google has expanded the focus of the then-U.S. Hispanic Marketing Forum to include African-American, Asian, and LGBTQ audiences. While the forum now covers more verticals, this event is still a game changer for Hispanic market researchers.

Should Affluent Hispanics Be Considered General Market?

Multicultural marketing has created a marketing economy based on segmenting the population by ethnicity. While ethnicity segmentation has worked for the past several decades, as I pointed out in an earlier column, that foundation is starting to crack. Our industry is experiencing a paradigm shift. As we attempt to make sense of this existential crisis of marketing models, we should consider how we segment and why.

SampleCon: Datapalooza And The Rise Of Behavioral Data

I just returned from my first SampleCon in New Orleans today. I was asked to join a panel of thought leaders discussing Innovations in Engagement of Hard to Reach Audiences. We didn’t solve the issue of how to reach those audiences from a sample perspective, but we did have productive conversations that yielded new insights on how to address this conundrum now and in the future. Dyna Boen, UB Mobile (left), Mario X. Carrasco (center), Jim Bernier, GfK (right)

Big Data Doesn’t Need Scientists, It Needs Artists

2.5 quintillion Bytes of data is created every day which would fill 10 million Blu-ray discs. These discs when stacked on one another, would measure the height of 4 Eiffel Towers, per Ben Walker of Voucher Cloud. Companies are scrambling to store all this data and data scientists are now one of the most sought after careers as we try to make sense of all of this data. The potential for big data to solve company, country, and global problems seems infinite.