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The ThinkNow Research Hispanic Online Panel

ThinkNow Research has had a hand in building the four major Hispanic panels in the industry. We have taken our learnings in-house to build the industry’s premier Hispanic panel.

Feel free to contact us to request our responses to the ESOMAR 28 and our panel book. Here are the reasons why we believe our panel is simply one of the best available today:


Our national Hispanic recruitment efforts focus on the four U.S. Census regions and nine sub-regions. Language recruitment quotas are set within each region to reflect the language preferences of the Hispanic population within each region, giving you the most representative Hispanic sample available on the market.

Hispanic Online Panel Recruitment
Totals and percentages extracted from files released by the U.S. Census Bureau in February and March of 2011.
Proprietary mix of Spanish language, bi-lingual, English language Hispanic content websites.
Exclusive online recruitment partnerships ensuring unique respondents.

Television Recruitment

ThinkNow Research has developed a unique solution to a common Hispanic research problem. We have created a recruitment method that empanels the hard to reach Spanish dominant, unacculturated Hispanic respondent. Harnessing the power and reach of television advertising, ThinkNow Research has developed a Spanish language commercial that recruits hard to reach Spanish dominant Hispanics nationally. This advertising medium delivers unique respondents that online advertising online cannot deliver.


Our panel members include all acculturation levels and we specialize in delivering:

Hispanic Panel Acculturation
  • Non-acculturated/Spanish dominant respondents.
  • Bi-cultural/Bi-lingual.
  • Acculturated/English dominant respondents.

Security and Validation

Through the use of RelevantID, a digital fingerprinting technology owned by Imperium and licensed by Fulcrum, ThinkNow Research assures reliable and high quality data collection:

Hispanic Panel Validation
  • De-dupe: De-dupe provides a detection system for user duplication, not dependent upon IP address or cookies.
  • GeoIP: GeoIP location verification determines where a respondent is geographically located by country, state/region, city, US postal code, US area code, metro code, latitude and longitude.
  • Fraud Profile: The Fraud Profile examines the existence of an open proxy server, machine time settings, browser settings among others and assigns a fraud score to the respondents to exclude them based on the score threshold.

Panel Book

Think of ThinkNow Research as an extension of your community. We will help guide you and the consumers in the community every step of the way by:

ESOMAR Hispanic Panel
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