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The ThinkNow Research Omnibus PLUS+ is now monthly!

What is Omnibus Research?

An omnibus survey is a shared study that is divided into sections belonging exclusively to the participating clients. Companies can submit as few as three questions and as many as they need. Since it’s a custom omnibus, only your company sees the results of your research questions.

Why Do Omnibus Research?

There are three primary reasons why our clients choose Omnibus PLUS+ to conduct custom market research:

  • Affordable – Costs much less than commissioning a custom study.
  • Focused – We target the U.S. population as it exists in the real world.
  • Reliable – Each wave of the survey is meticulously managed to ensure Wave-to-Wave data stability.

Who Do We Target?

Our survey reaches 1,250 respondents monthly. The sample includes 500 nationally representative U.S. Hispanics PLUS 250 non-Hispanic white respondents, 250 African-American respondents, and 250 Asian respondents which allows for Total Market analysis or comparisons between the groups. The Hispanic sample has the following targeting:
Hispanic Omnibus

How Is The Omnibus PLUS+ Different?

Most omnibus platforms ask questions and get answers. And that’s fine, but the Omnibus PLUS+ goes one important step further… it not only helps our clients answer questions about consumers, but also compares those responses to the General Market population as a whole… making it the only omnibus of its kind available in the market.

Hispanic Market Omnibus

We give you an unprecedented read into the new multicultural America, with a base size of  500 Hispanic respondents plus an additional 250 non-Hispanic White, 250 Asian and 250 African-American respondents, bringing the total base size to 1,250 every single month.

Think about it this way… a traditional omnibus study might tell you that 57% of Hispanics prefer light beer, but is that number lower, higher or about the same as the population in general? Because comparison data is included with the Omnibus PLUS+, you’ll now be able to understand those differences within the context of the General Market population as a whole.

Historically, to find context with Omnibus study results, researchers had to hunt down old data to compare to, or worse, commission a completely separate study. With the Omnibus PLUS+, those issues and expenses no longer exist. In addition, because the broad market data is collected at exactly the same time as the Hispanic consumer data, comparisons are easy and accurate.

What Are The Deliverables?

We help you craft your questions at no extra cost. Spanish translation is also included. We deliver tables and a graphic executive summary. You can choose the banner headings/demo breaks. Results are typically available 2 weeks after field.

What Is The Pricing?

The Omnibus PLUS+ costs $1,500 per question. There’s a three question minimum. Coding of open ended questions, if needed, is available for an additional $500 per question.


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